“As leaders, we must be careful that we don’t give the wrong message that perfection is what God is after. When in reality, he is after our hearts and our willingness to be obedient, of which neither of the two cries out perfection.”

“My greatest struggle at the beginning of pastoring was failing to trust God while being too willing to trust man.”

“My Calling is Calling Me. The book is thought-provoking and inspirational it held your attention because some of Bishop Toon’s journey was so relatable.  One of her phrases was “What others saw as a deficit was, in reality, my greatest gift. Oh how we can allow the whisperers make us feel incompetent. When Jesus steps in He shows us these trials, these giftings that I personally gave you are to help you into His Greatest Creation. ” — Elder Gail Cornish

“This book is a great tool to those dealing with adversity, whether in ministry or in life. I appreciate Bishop Toon’s transparency to the reader. Her determination to operate in excellence is an inspiration to us all.” — Elder Amos Britton

“My Calling is Calling Me is a poignant account of Bishop Wendy Toon’s journey to her current role in God’s Kingdom. It is an inspirational testimony of Bishop Toon’s journey to overcome trials and obstacles as she serves God’s people. So often, we see the clergy in their office – we don’t see how they got there. In her book, Bishop Toon describes how she began as a young Christian and grew into her role as pastor. Her book shows us how we can defeat the traps set to stop us in our path. Above all, we learn how we can gain the greater good – God’s good. Bishop Toon talks about how the enemy can use people and circumstances to distract (or stop) us from doing God’s work. The book reminds us to keep our focus on God. Bishop Toon teaches us God’s way is to love, to forgive and continue the course!” Dr. Leonard Astwood

“Great read – a true story about triumph and purpose!” Chad Patterson

This book will:

  • It encourages you to stay the course.
  • Inspire you to continue walk in your calling even when you may not have the support your peers.

About Bishop Wendy Ann Rose Toon

A license and ordained preacher of the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bishop Wendy A. Rose Toon graduated from Urban College of Boston where in 1997 she received her Associates Degree in Human Services. In August 2000 she received her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Wheelock College, Boston, MA. In the year 2007 she received the Ambassador of Peace Award.

She is the proud parent of Mrs. Sha’ree M., Ladawn S., and son Chad W. She has 3 grandchildren Kalonji Camara, Jenisys Soulai, and Naomi. Her children are her strength and inspiration. She believes a strong family structure is essential to the development of a unified family and they embrace individualism, diversity, and creativity.

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